About Us

Nasseis your next generation undergarment manufacturer from Malaysia and China.  We have over 20 years of manufacturing experience which put us one of the most reliable manufacturers in the industry.  We use superior and most innovative fabric to create fashionable designs and yet the most comfortable undergarment in the industry.  Nasse believes style should not be compromising with comfort.

We have innovative and talented designers to create stylist undergarment for different ages, male and female; whether you are looking for a sexy lingerie outfit to impress your partner, or a comfortable day to day undergarment; we’ve got you covered.

 Nassecares about you, and not just how good it looks but how good you feel wearing our products.  Nasse has committed to not only making you feel beautiful outside your skin, but feel beautiful and healthy on your skin.  We use SetaDermis fabric; most advance fabric; in the garment industry to create something beautiful for you.

If you are tired of spending money purchasing something looks good but feel uncomfortable the moment you put it on, why don’t you consider Nasse.